CBD Hemp Restore & Revive Cream

CBD Hemp Restore & Revive Cream

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Our skin nourishing original Restore & Revive Cream now with the added benefits of Hemp CBD!  A truly incredible product that helps to calm, repair & revive compromised skin. This unique blend significantly reduces redness & irritation as well as boosts skin’s ability to nurture damaged skin cells.

Full Spectrum Restore & Revive Cream May Be Beneficial For:

  • Irritated, Dry & Itchy Skin
  • Calluses & Rough Patches
  • Cracked, Compromised & Chapped Skin

We believe in sourcing the purest hemp extracts available. All of our hemp extracts are 100% Naturally extracted & tested by a third party lab for purity. This product is derived from Colorado grown industrial hemp plants.

.85 oz has 425 mg of Hemp Flower & Leaf Extract 1.75 oz has 850 mg of Hemp Flower & Leaf Extract 4 oz has 2000 mg of Hemp Flower & Leaf Extract

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Here at CBD Quick Support ,
All of our CBD products are made to be extremely gentle on your system. That way, you have the freedom to experiment with what that works for you and your lifestyle. Whether you decide to use our CBD edibles, CBD tinctures, CBD topicals, or any combination, we’ve got something to help you start feeling your best. And you can even share the feel-good vibes with your furry friends, with our CBD treats and oils for pets.

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Also Here at CBD Quick Support our
 genetics containing an array of beneficial plant compounds such as CBC and CBG. No matter what product you select, you can trust that each of our products are crafted with care every step of the way.

Better Days

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